New Fave: Indie Lee Skincare

Hi guys! So Indie Lee was so generous and sent me some samples/products from their brand to review! I hope you like this post and don’t forget to comment below and follow this blog so you don’t miss any new posts!

Disclaimer: The products were provided by the company, but all opinions are my own.

Some information about the company:

Indie Lee is also an environmentally friendly company, as they only use all natural ingredients. This make me feel much better knowing that no harmful chemicals will be going into my skin. They even have a section on their website listing all of the good ingredients and bad ingredients that are usually found in skincare products on the market. This is very useful for when I purchase from them and other brands.

On with the review:

So the first product I received was their Blemish Stick (retails for $28 on their website) which is meant to target those pesky pimples that just won’t go away. It contains  Salicylic Acid, (reduces inflammation, evens out skin tone, and unclogs pores) Isopropyl Alcohol, (dries excess oil to clear blemishes and reduces pore size) and Witch Hazel (cleans the want between uses). This product has never been tested on animals (yay!) and it is 100% natural. It does smell like rubbing alcohol (because of the Isopropyl Alcohol) but I actually do not mind it because gives it a fresh scent. FullSizeRender-3.jpg

The stick actually has a doe foot applicator, (like most lip glosses) which makes it very easy to apply the product. I also love the packaging, it is really simple, yet cute. When I applied the product to my face, it stung for about a second, but felt fine. I do feel it working and slowly reducing the size of my pimple. A little bit goes a long way with this product, but I don’t recommend it for sensitive skin, because it is a little bit harsh. Since I do not have sensitive skin, I was fine. Another perk with this product is that it applies clear and you could easily put concealer or any makeup over it. Overall, this is a great spot treatment for a pesky pimple.

The next products are some sample sizes that they also sent me to try out. They did tell me that their inventory was low, so be quick to buy great skincare items for any skin type/problem on their website!

So one of the samples that I received was their Lavender Moisturizing Oil. Once again, I love the packaging! This is meant for hydrating anywhere you have dry skin. For me, it is my hands/cuticles, so I simply applied a few drops of this onto my skin and it worked like a charm! I will probably be purchasing this item as it works so well.


The last thing I received was their Brightening Cleanser which is a gel based cleanser that hydrates, cleans, and leaves you feeling fresh. The coolest thing about this was that it can act as a simple makeup remover and even an exfoliator! Just leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes before washing it off and it will gently exfoliate your face for a radiant, clear completion.


That’s it for today! I would love to hear your opinion on these products. Comment what you think below! Also, what else should I review? Request products and don’t forget the follow my blog.



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