The Perfect Scent for Summer


Am I the only one who loves to change their fragrances with the season? Well if you do, you know that finding the perfect scent for summer is the hardest. A perfect scent is one that isn’t too bright, but is fresh and elegant at the same time. The Eau De Parfum Bianca from TOCCA Fragrances [$68, found here] is elegant, fresh, and revitalizing at the same time. The La Dolce Vita – Bianca [$40, found here] is the perfect gift for anyone who loves fragrances (including yourself!).


What’s included in the set:

  • 1 x 20 mL Travel Fragrance Spray
  • 1 x 1 fl oz Body Scrub
  • 1 x 1 fl oz Hand Cream


The 20 mL bottle of Bianca is perfect for touch-ups throughout the day. It is light, but lasts a long time. I also love how the cap has beautiful engravings on it. Also, the bottle is made of thick glass, making it very high quality and sturdy.


The 1 oz  tube body scrub, smelling just like the fragrance, is also great for traveling. Body scrubs are an essential of mine which is why I love this. The scrub isn’t too harsh, but it is strong enough to really remove my dead skin cells.


The 1 oz hand cream is the last item included in the set. I always have a hand cream by me because my hands get super dry. I love to throw this in my purse and use it throughout the day.

Have you tried this fragrance? What is your favorite fragrance for the summer? Let me know down below! I love hearing from you guys.

pr sample provided by TOCCA Fragrances, every thought/opinion is my own.