Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Lippie Haul + Review

Hi guys! So as you know, I am OBSESSED with lipsticks (seriously its bad!) So I was ecstatic when Lunatick Cosmetics Labs sent me their lipsticks to feature!

Let’s get started!

So first of all, I love their packaging! The lipsticks are shaped lip bullets, which is a very original idea! I also love the matte finish. They are just plastic but they are really light.


This is what the packaging looks like!


These are swatches of all the colors (from left to right) RPG, Calabaza, Bruja, AK-47, and Cinderhella.









So let’s move on to the actual product.

1. Lipstick in RPG ($15)


This is smells like a vanilla (you know the lipstick “smell”) which I do like. It is super pigmented and build able which I also really like. It is really easy to apply and isn’t streaky. The color looks like a lavender with pink in the tube, but appears a dusty lavender color on the lips. Overall, it is a good lipstick, but nothing shocking.

2. Lipstick in Calabaza ($15)


Like the previous lipstick, this is creamy, easy to build, smells good, and isn’t streaky. I really love this color! It is a red, brown, almost brick-like color that I have never seen before. I totally recommend this for people with dark brown hair, because this really compliments it!

3. Lipstick in Bruja ($15)

FullSizeRender-1 (1).jpg

This is a super dusty lavender that I like, it is just a lavender color and it is still creamy, easy to build, smells good, and isn’t streaky. It is a little less pigmented, but once you build it, you are left with a lovely color.

4. Lipstick in AK-47 ($15)


This one is very similar to Bruja and honestly, this was my least favorite out of all of the lipsticks. It didn’t really match my skin tone, so it made my lips look really, really pale, which was something that Bruja didn’t do. I think this would be good for really light skin tones. Also, it is still creamy, easy to build, smells good, and isn’t streaky like the others.

5. Lipstick in Cinderhella ($15)


I love this color! It is also creamy, easy to build, smells good, and isn’t streaky. It is a blue-based magenta, and it is absolutely sunning. This is especially flattering on medium skin tones, but I think it would look fabulous on dark skin tones too! It is a also really unique color, and I totally recommend it.

Overall Rating: 4/5

This is because all of the lipsticks were creamy, easy to build, smelled good, and weren’t streaky. Also, for the most part, they were very pigmented. Finally, I love how original this brand is as a whole!


Okay guys! So that was my review on the Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Lipsticks! You can check these out by clicking any of the links in this post.


See you next time,




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