Burberry Kisses Lipstick Review


Hey guys! I hope all of you are having a great day. Burberry was kind enough to send me four of their new Burberry Kisses Lipsticks to review for you guys! Keep reading for swatches and thoughts. 



Left to right: English Rose, Blossom Pink, Tulip Pink, and Blush.

Burberry Kisses – BLOSSOM PINK NO. 29


This shade is a light pink shade that would be great for the summer time! I did like this shade, but it doesn’t really compliment my skin tone and it was a little bit streaky. It was very moisturizing though, which is great for my dry lips. To be honest, this is probably my least favorite.

Burberry Kisses – TULIP PINK NO. 09


This shade is also a pink, but it is darker, with more peach tones. It compliments my skin tone really well and it isn’t streaky! (yay) It was also very moisturizing. This one had a shiner finish than the Blossom Pink.

Burberry Kisses – BLUSH NO.77


This shade is actually more red than it looks in the picture. It is a coral with lots of red in it. It is a really flattering tone and would look pretty on all skin tones. It glided on like butter and had high pigmentation.

Burberry Kisses – ENGLISH ROSE NO. 17


This color is similar to Pink Tulip, but it is more nude. It is a little shinier, and wasn’t streaky. This is such a wearable color and it is great for an everyday look. This is my favorite because it flatters my skin tone, wasn’t streaky, and is very wearable!

Final thoughts:

These lipsticks last for about two hours. They are not the longest lasting lipsticks, but it is worth it for the butter-like feel that truly feels like satin.  They are also extremely easy to build, so each lipstick actually comes on a wide variety of coverages ranging from a hint of color, to full on coverage. Burberry Kisses can be found here and they are $33 each. They are on the pricer side but it’s Burberry, which is the most iconic brand ever! I recommend these because they make you feel so classy and are great lipsticks overall. There is a velvet version which I’ve heard has more pigment, so you might want to try those too!

Thanks for reading guys! Please comment below post ideas and I will try my best to adhere to your request. Also, suggest some products that you liked or want to try for me to review!

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